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Save the Children

Save the Children

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Browse For Charity

Allows you to raise money for your favorite charity as you browse the internet. It was designed to be unobtrusive and transparent, integrating seamlessly with all versions of Windows and web browsers. Your browsing experience is left unchanged. Use your internet browsing time to raise money for charity.

No Clicking Required

To raise money for charity, you are not required to click any links, fill out any forms, or do anything different than your normal surfing habits. Simply install our simple program and never have to worry about doing another single task to raise money for charities.

Personal Information

No user information is collected other than a unique User ID (issued during program installation), program & internet configuration, and the revenue raised by that account. No personal information is collected or passed through our servers—No search history, no forms, no website content, nothing, zilch, nada.

Global Solutions!

Browse For Charity is an ever-expanding network of socially conscience individuals and charity organizations. To maximize our effectiveness we select one charity each month to donate to.